Recent News:  June 2014 - Major transcription companies looking for well trained MTs... transcription is as busy as ever.  If you wish a new career or a career change, we can help.  Work from home... self-employed as an indepedent contractor... home-based office tax deductions.   As one major company recently told us "we like your course because you train students to work from home and that is what our company hires".    

Have you heard lately that "transcription is being taken over by electronic voice recognition software and MTs are not necessary anymore"?  The truth is that every VR report produced STILL needs a qualified MT to edit the file.   It pays well, is still transcription, and still requires proper training.   


is Power

At Medwirte-Tech Inc., we provide the training you require to become a well-trained, versatile medical transcriptionist. We understand the need to fully prepare new transcriptionists in a timely manner, in order to join the workforce and the quickly growing MT (Medical Transcription) industry.

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Our Courses

2013 -  Transcriptionists are still in demand.  One of Canada's largest MT companies hires our students...
Who said Voice Recognition is taking over?  At the very most, VR needs well trained MTs to edit the work.  Our students have been hired by almost every major transcription
company in Canada and the USA.  
 Enroll today for your medical transcription training and be on the road to a new career in a year or less!
Enrollment is ongoing all year so no delays for your course material


The need for trained transcirptionists grows!  Estimates are that there will be an extreme shortage of transcriptionists in the next 10 years, due to aging population requiring more medical care which translates into more reports transcribed for patient records. The projected shortage in North America is estimated at about 200,000 transcriptionists. Almost 80% of medical transcription positions are done as online transcription jobs!

FACT: The average age of a medical transcirptionist is 48, and the baby boomer generation is aging daily, thus causing a huge deficit in the number of trained transcriptionists available to populate medical reports.

About Us

At Medwrite-Tech Inc. we know the industry! We will teach you the inside knowledge you won't find with other colleges, who only include basic material in their courses, and not an updated, practical approach to the real industry. We offer quality training and the valuable knowledge the market is currently seeking.


Why Medwrite-Tech?

Our training is based upon practical working experience in the transcription industry.
We offer pertinent material that gives you the extra edge needed as a new transcriptionist.
You will be provided with up to date information used currently in the industry.
We will prepare you for multispecialty work, thus increasing your chances for work in a variety of clinic, hostpictal or online settings.
Our course material is straightforward and easily understood.

Our tuition fees are affordable and we are HST exempt!

Why you need our training!

The answer is simple...

¤ Physicians, hospitals, and clinics want well trained transcriptionists. Gone are the days of hiring an MT who "kind of" knows the work, or who has learned only on the job and is limited in their skills.
¤ Professioinals want to hire professionals who are well trained and knowledgeable of their specific needs.
¤ A good transcriptionist is hard to find! There are those who know terminology and anatomy, but do not have the knowledge of the ins and outs of the MT world, or the valuable knowledge of what the market currently seeks for skilled MTs.
¤ In the next 5 years the MT industry is expected to grow by several billion dollars. Currently the MT market is a multi-billion dollar industry.
¤ Medwrite-Tech Inc. offers you quality training and pertinent inside information
¤ Make yourself more marketable by taking course material that is complete and relevant to the current industry
¤ Our goal is to teach you terminology and anatomy in a timely manner, but we will also prepare you for the real world, ready to work, ready to succeed, ready to become a valuable employee or a successful business owner, working from the comfort of your own home!
¤ The best reason... YOU deserve it!
There are no bad students, there are bad teachers! We outstrip social needs in education!
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